Go Skateboarding Day is this Sunday June 21. Even though you probably skate everyday, this is the day to go out and celebrate--it’s the first day of summer too! You’ve probably noticed tons of GSD evens in our News section, so check it out and see what’s going on near you. The official Go Skateboarding Day site is right here.

Don’t forget to film your Go Skateboarding Day activities and upload it on skateboarding.com next week to win tons of cool stuff in our GSC Contest.

Dwindle in Venice Beach

Memorial Park in San Diego

Vans in SoCal

Busenitz shoe release in Upland, CA

The Finest in St. Pete, FL

Cowtown Recession Session, AZ

Element Events

Willy’s Workshop

New York City

DVS in San Francisco

Right Foot Forward premiere in San Diego

Kansas City with etnies

P-Rod & Nike SB Skatepark Opening in LA