It was a hot one up in Los Angeles yesterday but that didn’t stop hundreds of kids from skating non-stop for hours on end. Nike SB was all over the globe for Go Skateboarding Day and the TWS staff split up between LA and NYC. We made our way up to the Echo Park neighborhood in Los Angeles for some DIY fun and skated some handmade obstacles by a few of the brands and supporters who were involved. WKND’s Grant Yansura was on the mic all day preaching why us skaters do the things we do—”because we’re skaters, and we’re crazy!” His dry sarcasm, mini-interviews with the kids in the crowd and exaggerated stoke on the mic was a personal highlight for me, but the skating really did never stop. There were DIY workshops of all sorts going down as well; pin-making, patch sewing, paint for griptape art, markers to color on your shoes, WKND had zines available at their booth and an endless amount of Boxed Water was being enjoyed by the sweaty skaters and onlookers. The Nike SB crew never ceases to amaze and it was another banging GSD for the books! Check some photos from the LA stop below and click here to see what went down in NYC! —Brian Blakely

PHOTOS / @jaimeowens

 Zion Wright, frontside shove-it.

 Adelmo Jr was there!

 Blake Carpenter grabbing some wood.

 Donovon Piscopo cruised through.

 The Lix! 360 flip.

 Unknown ripper. Nollie backside flip.

 WKND’s Grant Yansyrup bail.

 Grant handled the mic for five hours straight because skaters are crazy and don’t care!

 Kingswell homie, heelflip.

  Ishod just floating by.

 Ishod mega backSmith.

 Getting it!

 Numbers booth with Frost and Guy.

 Alex Midler, frontside 360.

 Midler, frontside feeble.

 Vincent Luevanos, Ollie.

 Josh Pall, Andrew Peters, Ryan Allan.

 Rodrigo Petersen planning his line.

 Canvas joints on point.

 ‘Shod, Zion, Midler.

 Star sighting with Twuan.



Yeah, Zion crushed it!