Nearly 3.7 million people live in Berlin—Germany’s capital—a city that dates all the way back to the 13th century, where reminders of the city’s turbulent history include everything from its Holocaust memorial to the Berlin Wall’s graffitied remains. It’s a thriving city, known for is its art scene, modern landmarks and even more recently… skateboarding! New faces at known spots are common and non-natives traveling from all over have been relocating to the German capital. Yep! Berlin has spots and Leticia Bufoni, Chris Cole, Sean Malto, Felipe Gustavo, Madars Apse, Alex Sorgente and Sewa Kroetrov recently took on the city with GoPro’s latest camera, the HERO6 in hand.

Being such a versatile camera, the HERO6 was the perfect tool for a mission to Berlin. Nobody likes traveling with big backpacks full of camera gear while you push from spot to spot, although sometimes it’s necessary. But for this trip in particular, skating from spot to spot and documenting nearly every second of every moment was a breeze for the GoPro squad—whether they were shooting stills, sequences, or simply stacking clips for the edit above.

We caught up with some of the crew to get some back stories on the trip and pick their brains on why they prefer GoPro. Check the edit then dive into some Berlin stories. Traveling and GoPro’s HERO6 go hand in hand, you can learn more about the camera and all that it has to offer right here.

*All photos shot on the GoPro HERO6

Interview with Sean Malto, Sewa Kroetkov & Chris Cole

What's the best part about skating Berlin and what were the locals like?
SM: Berlin has a lot of really fun, unique spots which is one of the reasons I love skating out there. The locals are rad! I’ve been going to Berlin for a little while now so it’s nice to catch up with my German friends.
SK: Berlin is just a really beautiful/cultural city overall. All the spots look really good, so it gets you extra pumped to try anything and film a bunch of stuff, regardless of how hard the tricks are.
CC: Other than it raining ever single day of our trip, we had a great time. Skated the shelter park a bunch and had a really fun, friends ripping with friends style vibe to the sessions

How long were you guys out there and what was the daily routine? Were you guys skating pretty much all day long?
SM: I was only there for 4/5 days. We skated every chance we got but we caught some rainy weather.
SK: We spent a little less than a week in Berlin. We skated most of the day, but we definitely took some time to enjoy the city and just kick back with the whole crew.
CC: We would wake up and rush to get out if it hadn't rained just yet, eat if we find something on the way quickly, skate street, then hit the park once it got wet outside. We would skate until we were completely dead.

Who was the MVP of the trip?
SM: Madars killed it! I’m such a fan of his skating.
SK: I guess that would be Dr. Purpleteeth! The whole GoPro crew held it down though, but at the end of the day it was Dr Purpleteeth who kept crackin’ jokes and kept the energy level high with his presence.
CC: Sewa, and Felipe who just came to hang out unexpectedly [laughs].

Being as versatile as it is, using a GoPro on a trip like this must be convenient. Did you have your own HERO6 to film with throughout the trip?
SM: GoPro’s make every trip more convenient. I didn’t have my own six. They hadn’t released the camera yet so we only had a few for our whole group.
SK: I brought my HERO5, because at the time of the trip the HERO6 wasn’t out yet. The GoPro crew had a few HERO6’s with them, so that was the first time I saw one and filmed with one.
CC: I always bring my own! That way we can spread out and do many things at once. I'll go off and film Malto do a two trick line, or we will pass the camera and just mess around doing trick.

Do you travel with a GoPro on most of your trips?
SM: I usually have a GoPro with me every time I go skating, locally or traveling.
SK: Yeah, I take the GoPro with me on every trip. Whether it’s a skate trip or a personal trip, it’s become an essential item for me when I travel because I could use it to film skate stuff or even for landscape shots.
CC: Every single trip. Skate, family vacation, you name it.

What's your favorite feature of the HERO6?
SM: The built in stabilizer is nice!
SK: I love playing around with the zoom feature that was added to the HERO6, because now you don’t have to worry about being too far for certain shots.
CC: Zoom. Actually the stabilization is insane!! But Zoom is something I can control so I really love it.

Have you traveled with this group of skaters before? The crew on this trip was pretty heavy.
SM: I’ve traveled with most of the people in the group but it was my first time traveling with Hoops and Sewa. We had a good crew! It was definitely a good time.
SK: I’d never been on a trip with Alex Sorgente or Leticia Bufoni, but I’ve been on trips with all the other skaters before. The crew on this trip was heavy! Everybody from the team added something unique which made it an overall fun and dope skate trip.
CC: Most of them yes but not all of them. Alex was new to this trip.

Were you guys doing any demos or anything? Or did you just hit the streets every day?
SM: No demos. We hit the streets when the weather allowed us but skated the shelter indoor park a couple times when it was raining.
SK: As soon as we arrived in Berlin we hit the famous Warschaeurstraße ledges and everybody just started going for it and getting clips! We hit the streets most of the time, but unfortunately had a few rainy days, so we skated an indoor park as well. We didn’t skate demos, even though watching the team skate certain spots sometimes felt like a demo to me.
CC: No demos, although sometimes showing up to a street spot with a crew like this ends up being a demo.

How was the local cuisine? What's the go-to meal in Berlin?
SM: I ate a doner kabab everyday of the trip!
SK: I didn’t really have a go-to meal, but my favorite place out there was this Indian cuisine spot. I can’t recall any specific dishes since we ate family-style with the team, but everything was delicious!
CC: Actually…….beer.

Do you ever make your own edits of these trips?
SM: I usually do but this trip we guys that have better editing skills than myself [laughs].
SK: When we’re on trips, the GoPro filmers usually make short edits for us, but then I usually make some throwback edits to highlight my favorite moments or tricks from the trips.
CC: I do! I throw all my clips from my camera into Quik app and it does it for me. If the day is productive I'll make one of that day.

Describe the trip in three words or less:
SM: Good times!
CC: Film. Rain. Laughter.