Grease Trapping In Eugene, Oregon

Today was mostly a drive day. The team spent the night in Medford, Oregon and checked some skate spots at Southern Oregon University in Ashland in the morning. Nothing was a go due to school being in session so we hit the road for Eugene. The demo was held at the indoor park Skate Shelter. Chris Haslam wowed the crowd on the mini ramp while Paul Machnau did relentless back-to-back tricks across the pyramid rails. Paul then took to dropping in on the vert quarter and doing all kinds of snowboard airs over the entire Euro-gap-to-manual box. The finale was a massive kickflip that most people would’ve needed a parachute to land. Check the footage.

After the demo, the team hit the road to Portland. We had a nice sit down dinner at Kennedy School, a crazy restaurant that used to be a schoolhouse. DaKine TM Scott Koerner and Grease Not Gas driver Mike Parziale both live in Portland so their girlfriends joined us as well as Seth McCallum and his lady. Tomorrow is our day off in Portland, so expect some heavy shredding. Burnside is all painted up in anticipation of its annual Halloween/anniversary bash.

On the long drives, boredom takes over and grown men are reduced to acting like giddy preteens. Case in point, Chris Haslam bought a suction-cup-tipped dart shooting shotgun and no smooth glass surface or person in the Grease Van was safe. Jesse Landen took to defacing your favorite pros in various skate magazines with a Sharpie. Certain skaters were adorned with rollerblades, helmets, and performing their tricks over snake pits. You’d see ’em here on the site but unfortunately a lot of people didn’t get the memo that it’s okay to laugh at yourself.

Check the slideshow and video to the left!