Greg Lutzka wins Tampa Pro 2006

As long as he stuck all his bangers, he was a shoe in for victory. And sure enough he did. Greg Lutzka had the gnarliest runs all weekend. Frontside 360 the long 12-foot box, then turning around and kickflipping the whole thing to backlip. He then rolled in fakie and Cab backlipped one of the small rails, turned around and switch kickflip backlipped the other small rail. He then capped his run with his patented frontside 270 to backside nosebluntslide down the big rail.

Second place could easily have been Sheckler, Jereme Rogers, Kyle Berard, or Austen Seaholm. The judges had their work cut out for them, and in the end Jereme got second.

In the middle of one of Sheckler’s runs, he went for a kickflip backlip on the big rail, missed and smacked his head knocking him out for a good couple minutes. He eventually got up and actually skated his next run. He earned the best slam of the contest award for it. He’s a tough dude.

Billy Marks won the best trick contest on the big rail with tricks like kickflip feeble, nollie heel boardslide (first try), kickflip lipslide, and a 360 flip boardslide (yes, the trick Terrel made famous at Damn Am). Terrel was actually there trying the same thing but Billy pulled it first. Gailea Momolu deserves an honorable mention with a nollie back heel backlip and a nollie bigspin backlip (same trick he won 10Gs for at the Matix Rack A Few at ASR).

And as if that wasn’t enough, the enjoi video premiere last night at the Skatepark of Tampa. That’s right, we saw it before anyone at the official premiere in San Jose. I’m not gonna spoil a damn thing, but it’s a great video.

The final results looked like this:

1 Greg Lutzka
2 Jereme Rogers
3 Kyle Berard
4 Dennis Busenitz
5 Ryan Sheckler
6 Austen Seaholm
7 Nilton Neves
8 Billy Marks
9 Rodney Jones
10 Pat Channita

Full video coverage of the finals and the best trick contest right here on tomorrow.

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