GSD with DVS in Oslo, Norway.

As a part of DVS’ Scandilous Tour, the DVS team celebrated Go Skateboarding Day 2008 in Oslo, Norway. DVS riders Torey Pudwill, Guru Khalsa, Keith Hufnagel, Andrew Brophy, Paul Shier, Mark Baines, Kristian Bomholt, Lucien Clarke, and Janne Saario all got together in honor of skateboarding’s national holiday. The guys kicked off GSD early and met up at Whitewater skate shop where they hung out for a couple hours, chilled with locals, and signed autographs. The guys then headed over to Frognerparken--one of Norway’s most famous street spots. Often called the EMB of Norway, Frognerparken is full of buttery ledges, hubbas, and stairs. It’s a large public park so harassment from authorities is usually low.
The team was greeted at Frognerparken by tons of local skaters. In between sessions, the guys broke out several BBQ grills and cooked up free food for the local skaters.
Our fearless TM, Gabe Clement, somehow got his arm broke. We’re still waiting for the official details on this one, but were sure he was going for something epic. At least they have free healthcare in Norway.

Next weekend the team heads off to the DVS CPH Pro in Copenhagen, Denmark. See you there!--Cullen Poythress