Guest Reviewer Of The Month: Austin Stephens


I didn’t really know what to expect from the band Deerhunter. I had seen their first two records in some record shops and I had read a couple of write-ups on the band in some music mags, which were usually pretty generous, but for one reason or another I had never heard their music. After listening to Microcastle I would agree with most of the critics that they are a good band. The album maintains a quality of uniqueness even when the influences are at their most obvious. It’s got a pretty mellow vibe throughout its entirety but a lot of well-constructed noise too. Most of the songs start off slow and calmly build into a nice drone of guitars and organs. I was pleasantly surprised by Microcastle although it did take a few listens through for it to really start to grow on me. I think it might make for a really good driving CD but the burned copy that I had wouldn’t play in my car stereo player so I don’t know for sure. Overall, a good album though. Definitely worth a listen.—Austin Stephens

(photo: TRINH)