Harold Hunter Top Five

Ways To Get A Hold Of You Since Your Phone Never Works

1. Call one of my local friends.

2. Call Zoo York.

3. Call Supreme.

4. Call Adrien Lopez at Rock Star Bearings.

5. Call Max Fish.

Movies Or TV Shows You’ve Starred In

1. As you all know, I starred in Kids.

2. I was in a movie called Mind Games.

3. I worked on a movie called Lunch Time, a TV special that never came out.

4. New York Undercover.

5. Hand On A Pump-I worked in a gas station and weird people came in. It was a pretty good film. Damn, I need my rà‡sumà‡, kid. I’ll go on the Internet later and look at my rà‡sumà‡.

Pickup Lines

1. If I didn’t have a girlfriend it would be, “What’s up, baby? Do you skater-board?”

2. “I love you, but I don’t know your name.”

3. “I’m too shy to talk to you.”

4. “Your ass is so beautiful it called my name.”

5. I plead the fifth-catch me on TV. See you in Hollywood.

Ways To Earn Supplemental Income

1. I make money the American way. I own a bearing company called Rock Star Bearings.

2. I’m an entrepreneur, and I skate for Zoo York.

3. Being a successful actor.

4. The team manager giving me per diem on the road.

5. Find a rich girl to take care of your ass, or try to get adopted by a rich family.

NY Giants

1. Keenan Milton.

2. Huf.

3. Jeff Pang.

4. Mike Hernandez.

5. Peter Bici, Ryan Hickey, and of course, me, Harold Hunter.

Skate Flicks

1. Plan B number one where Pat was a machine.

2. Hokus Pokus.

3. Celebrity Tropical Fish.

4. The Blind video with Mark Gonzales and Jason Lee.

5. Zoo York Mix Tape one.

Words Or Phrases You’ve Invented

1. “Thlocky thra”-it means to talk shit.

2. “Dome shots.”

3. “Stoops”-you’re stupid.

4. “Air time”-when you’re filming for a video or movie.

5. “Water storms”-when you drink all night at Max Fish and you wake up in the morning and watery shit comes out your ass, you have the water storms.

Skateboarders With The Best Slang

1. Kenny Hughes.

2. Kevin Taylor.

3. Clyde Singleton.

4. Dustin Dollin.

5. Jack Nicholson.

Spots To Sling Product

1. I haven’t done that in a long time, but the skate park.

2. The local homeys.

3. Woodward.

4. Japan.

5. Trade it to the bartenders.

Ways To Lose Weight

1. Skate.

2. TRIMSPA, baby!

3. Drink a lot of water-eight glasses a day.

4. Have a lot of sex with your girlfriend.

5. Go on vacation.


1. Jack and Coke.

2. When I’m broke, St. Ides.

3. Heineken.

4. Presidente.

5. Aguardiente.

Fashion Accessories

1. Diesel jeans.

2. New Era hats.

3. Fedoras.

4. Guayabera shirts.

5. Zoo York tees and hoodies.

Stupid-Ass Skateboard Trends

1. Can’t dis the rockers ’cause they’re my homeys.

2. People who wear Skechers.

3. This is a hard one-I like everyone’s style. I don’t hate, I participate.



Tricks You’ll Always Have On Lock

1. Backside heels.

2. 360 ollies.

3. Nollie heels.

4. Feeble grinds.

5. Switch crooks.

Watering Holes

1. Max Fish.

2. Lit.

3. Tattoed Mom’s in Philly.

4. Motor City.

5. B-side.

Things To Tell The Haters

1. Don’t hate, participate.

2. Don’t get jealous, ’cause you won’t get nowhere.

3. Stop worrying about people, worry about yourself.

4. I kill haters with kindness.

5. They ain’t gonna get nowhere-they’ll get no sponsors and never make it. Haters never make it, so keep talking shit.

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