Hawk, Bucky, & PLG Destroy YMCA’s New Vert Ramp!

Tony Hawk, Bob Burnquist, PLG, and more of the biggest names in vert skating showed up at the YMCA skatepark in Mission Valley on Saturday to be the very first to annihilate the park’s new vert ramp. Donated by the X Games after being used in last year’s contest, the ramp was in dire shape. But PacSun picked up the tab to fix up and repair the beastly pile of transition giving the YMCA the bragging rights of housing the biggest and best vert ramp on the West Coast.

The park was a zoo on Saturday. Kids swarmed the entire park, which is pretty damn huge by the way, screaming Tony Hawk’s name like obsessed sixteen year old girls at the Justin Timberlake concert. But in-between the chants, Tony destroyed the ramp. No matter how much older he gets or how many demos after tireless demos he skates in, he seems to rip just as hard as he did in his heyday. Definitely an amazing site to see.

So, with a perfect vert ramp in the city of San Diego, it’s not gonna be hard to find out where most of SD’s vert locals will be hanging out for the next couple of months. Yeah, PLG, Bucky Lasek, Bob Burnquist, and T-Hawk, we’re talking to you.