Heath Kirchart Giveaway Winners Announced

We’re sure it wasn’t easy to condense Heath Kirchart’s amazing career into only ten tricks (see contest entry post here), so it sure wasn’t easy for us to narrow down this huge list of entries to our top three favs. That said, here are the winners:

In third place, user yesac came in with this young-to-old retrospective (Super Conductor Super Collider footage!) over the Pink Floyd song that sums it all up. The quote at the end was the clincher.

In second, was user heathcontest mixing in video titles, b-roll, and a little humor. The Tom Petty jam, with not-so-cryptic lyrics, is perfect.

And the grand prize goes to user johnnnd. This edit is fantastic: great song, superb editing (super-duper slow-mos), solid trick selection—a truly epic collection from Heath’s career. Enjoy the limited-edition deck and everything else!

Like we said, there were so many good entries, so here’s a short list of honorable mentions worth watching: haganchase, manolostapes, theshreder757tdp.