Heath Kirchart Last Words

There’s something Emerica x Heath heating up over at the Emerica site, so we figured we’d post up Heath’s Last Words from the December issue to add a little fuel to the fire.



Photo: Trinh

LAST Time You Wore All White:
August 9th.

LAST Trick Filmed:
Mega 360.

LAST Regret:
Destroying America.

LAST Gnarly Fall:
F—ked up my collarbone on the megaramp.

LAST Time You Broke A Board On Purpose:
Like 9 months ago.

LAST Time You Were Inspired:

[Andrew] Reynolds' Stay Gold part.

LAST Major Purchase:

Subsect Skateshop’s building.

LAST Retirement Plan You've Thought About:

Getting a job at Starbucks.

LAST Morrissey Song Listened To:
"Speedway", duh.

LAST Time You Shot A Skate Photo:
August 9th [2010].

LAST Contest You Entered:
Berrics game of SKATE.

LAST Time You Cried:

August 7th [2010].

LAST Motorcycle Ride:

I hope not.

LAST Promise You Made:
Promised my dad I’d make a will.

LAST Time You Enjoyed Skating A Handrail:
UCI days.

LAST Time You Skated In Public:
Yesterday—Stoner park [in Los Angeles].

LAST Good Tip You Got:


LAST Good Quote You Heard:

If you wait for the robins, spring will be over.

LAST Skate Trip:
A year ago in Paris.

LAST Time You Said To Yourself, "This Is The LAST Time":
Answering this question.

LAST Read:
Internet comments, go f—k yourselves.

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