Heddings, Horn, Mallory Open Skatepark In Pacific Beach

The Creature team came through to the brand new Campland On The Bay skatepark in Pacific Beach Thursday morning. Neil Heddings, Alex Horn, Adrian Mallory, Sam Hitz, and Truman Hooker shredded the park for the folks in attendance. Alex Horn and Kenny from Campland are responsible for making this park a reality. It’s small but super fun. Check out these photos from a nice 9 a.m. session after some bacon and eggs thanks to Kenny and his girlfriend that live at Campland. Pretty rad that a lot of the kids in attendance first impression of pro skateboarding was the Creature boys ripping a concrete park.

Photos by Blair Alley

Neil warms it up at 9 a.m. before anyone was in the park.

Adrian Mallory and his posse from OB showed up bright and early.

Truman Hooker. Hair lookin’ good.

Alex “Cranston” Horn was busy running around as one of the organizers of the park and the opening. Nice work buddy!

Adrian Mallory, crailtap.

Neil Heddings, rock n roll slide.

Truman Hooker, frontside 5-0 in front of city council members.

Adrian Mallory with a handout for the kids.

Truman Hooker zoomed around the park so fast he was hard to shoot.

Same run as the last ollie, just booking circles around the park.

Cranston had his hands full with banners, product raffle, pestering kids, and on top of it all, he had to set a board up!

Adrian Mallory sweeps the kids off the deck.

0.2 seconds after this photo was taken, Neil hung up and slammed on his head sending his shades across the park. He joked after that it wouldn’t have been good to bust his head open in front of the kids at the park’s grand opening.

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Adrian Mallory taps his tail.