Home Page: Bucky Lasek

1. Truck
I won this truck from the 2004 Vans Triple Crown. I swept the series and have this ’04 SKG modified F-150 to show for it—thanks, Vans.

2. The Long Beach Grand Prix Toyota Pro Celebrity Race Trophy
I’ve always been a racing enthusiast, and this was my first time to get into the driver’s seat in a real race. I set the fastest lap in qualifying, which got me pole position and I ended up winning. The race included six celebrities and six pro drivers—check it out this year.

3. First Pic In A Skate Mag
I can’t explain how stoked I was to have my picture in the same magazine that all my idols were in. This was huge because back then the East Coast didn’t get that much coverage.

4. First Pro-Model Board
My first pro board was an honor. I showcased that by putting all of my friends and positive influences in the graphic to show how grateful I was to have made it there.

5. 125cc Shifter Kart
I get away from life when I’m out driving this. It’s the most intense form of adrenaline (besides skating the Mega).

6. Letter
It’s safe to say that I had a game plan. Set some goals and get off the couch, kids.

7. Family
Jenn is my wife and best friend (with benefits). Devin and Paris are two of the best kids I could have ever wished for. I live for my family.

8. Coffee Bean
I couldn’t live for my family if I didn’t have one of these every morning.

9. Tool Shed
When I’m not skating or racing, I’m working around the house always trying to create paradise at home. I need to get a back brace.

10. Ogio Off-Road Buggy
I got this from Ogio, and my kids love to go off-roading in it on the trails around the ‘hood. It’s a real treat.

11. Radar
One of the best gadgets ever. I recommend the Valentine 1 to anyone who drives a little over the speed limit. It will pay itself off in the first day. Mine is hardwired, so when my car is on, it’s on, and all my cars have one of their own.

12. ’03 BMW M3
I ordered mine and it came in on my 30th birthday. Being a driving enthusiast, this was a must-have. There’s not a day that I drive this the speed limit into any turns (it’s seriously impossible to hold back). Ask Danny Way and Alphonso Rawls about this car—they own one too.