Home Page: Ed Templeton

1. Chris Johanson Painting

This guy is one of my favorite artists. I was lucky enough to have him do graphics for Toy Machine, and he’s also done graphics for Antihero. This particular painting was bought by a collector and hung in his house. When his wife came home, she bugged out and said that she couldn’t live with such a negative downer of a painting, so the guy returned it to the gallery. I took it home in a trade with Chris, and my wife loves it.

2. Canon AE-1 Camera

They call this a “student camera because it’s the basic camera people use in high school photo class. It’s one of my first cameras, and I still shoot with it all the time. Plus, if I get it wet while trying to swim from a boat to shore while holding it over my head, I can get a new one pretty cheaply.

3. Welded Toy Machine Monster With Wings

This was given to me by a kid at a demo. What a great gift! The wings are really sharp and dangerous, and Mike Burnett poked a hole in the dashboard with it and I got bummed. Now it sits on my shelf.

4. First New Deal Cutout

This is a cutout of my very first pro graphic on New Deal. The guy who worked in the woodshop, Mike Pust, was a great guy and was always making cool stuff for the riders.

5. Vintage Books

These are some random books that are on our downstairs shelf. The Bambi book is from my grandmother. I think it’s an early edition from 1929. The sex one is probably not from her, but I can’t remember where that came from. It’s from 1949.

6. Key To The City Of Madison, Alabama

The mayor presented this to us for coming to her town and doing a demo. It was the best I was ever treated at a demo in my life.

7. Colonel Sanders “Trophy

This is a gold spraypainted Colonel Sanders “trophy given to me by my “world’s number one fan at the Slam City Jam contest in Vancouver, BC in 2000.

8. Negatives Binders

These hold all my negatives. I’m up to 24 binders and am still trying to organize them all. This is what happens when you refuse to shoot digital.

9. Metal Light-Switch Cover

I bought this in a shop in Santa Barbara back in 1991. It was over the switch in my apartment living room when I was looking for a new shirt-graphic idea for my new company, Toy Machine, in 1993. I did a crayon rubbing of it and made it into a shirt graphic, which somehow took off and later became our logo. I got a cease-and-desist letter from the lady who created it and had to change it into the logo we use now.

10. Jim Houser Board

This is a board that Jim Houser painted. I traded it for one of my paintings back in 1998. Neither of us wanted to part with our creations, and I remember telling him, “You know it’s an equal and good trade if it hurts. He does graphics for us, too.

11. Sponsor-Me Video

This is an epic sponsor-me video that has been hanging up in my garage for the last five years—Hollywood-style head shots mixed with great fatty-to-flatty documentation, a keeper.

12. Table

This is where I attempt to be artsy-fartsy.

13. Painting Cemetery

This is a small section of my “storage room where all my paintings go to die. This is a stack of really old stuff, except for that one that says “So Tired. I finished it and it sold out of a gallery in Copenhagen, Denmark.

14. Acoustic Guitar

This has been played by Austin Stephens or Deanna’s brother way more than I’ve played it. I can only play a simple Fugazi bass line on it or some crazy (and I’m sure annoying) noise rock.

15. Postcard Rack

I was in an alley in L.A. looking at some graffiti with my homey Brendan when I saw this in a dumpster. It was the kind you have in a store to display and sell postcards. I took it home, spraypainted it black, and then stocked it with my huge postcard collection. Now it’s the best piece of furniture in my house!

16. Book Collection

My book collection is pretty much out of control. It’s takinng over my room. I spend a lot of cash buying photo and art books. I love looking at them and studying the things people make. You can never be bored if you’re surrounded by books, and you’ll never stop learning.

17. Ptah

Well, this object has been in my house since I moved out of my mom’s place when I was eighteen. It’s my cat Ptah. He appeared in my first video part ever in Useless Wooden Toys in 1990. That makes him fifteen years old! He’s still spunky, if not a little dizzy sometimes, and loves to be petted more than anything in the world.