Home Page: Ryan Smith

1. Apple Powerbook
I use this mainly for porn. E-mail is just a big disappointment to everyone I don’t respond to. Back in its day, this was a top notch porn go-getter—now it’s just outdated.

2. RDS Coat Hangers
Originally, these were a gift to Colin McKay from Chad DiNenna at Nixon. I lived with Syd Clark who was the manager of the RDS shop, and he was gracious enough to hand me down some nice hangers.

3. Custom Board
Oh god, Renee Renee, Jason Bothe, the guy who sails the Pacific and owns a yacht club—blue blood, a socialite.

4. Sawzall
This is a Sawzall that I borrowed to act like an anarchist and knuckle down, but I’ve been too pussy to use it. Actually, it’s Mike Blabac’s, and I borrowed it to saw these knobs off this kinked rail—couldn’t pull the trigger on that one as Dyrdek would say.

5. Air Mattress
I have two mattresses: Vernon and Rutland. This one looks like Rutland—it’s very hard to distinguish between the two. I don’t care where people stay—here’s a mattress, sort it out. And I’m not afraid to hand out a housecoat for a blanket.

6. Mini Crotch Rocket
Here’s Turbo Vernon. You remember about a year and a bit ago when the pocket bikes were real cool? Yeah, well I bought one, used it once, and there it sits collecting dust.

7. Stack Of Boards
A prime example of why I ride for one of the best companies in the world—shrink-wrapped, pre-gripped custom-made boards. It doesn’t get any better than that.

8. Barbie
Here’s the Q Grill. People come over, and we get it going. All I cook on it is carne asada—go to Primo Market. Fourteen pounds in ten days—fire it up!

9. Switch Blade
I got this knife from Rob Dyrdek, and I have a tattoo of it. Dyrdek had to leave our tour to look after some investment. There was this store at a gas station with chocolate bars and Excalibar swords. Americans are grade-A psychos. I use this for being bad-ass—you know, like to grip a board with. That’s pretty tough—psssh.