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The Black Box Barracks

Posted up in two bunk-bedded rooms, these Zero, Mystery, and Fallen flow riders are literally living the dream at Black Box. Pat Burke, Everen Stallion, Gilbert Crockett, James Hardy, and TM Greg Robinson gave us a tour of what they call home.

1. The Party Room
This is where Everen and Pat regularly stay along with anybody else who thinks sleep is overrated. One night, an unnamed Canadian drank too much, puked off one of the top bunks. and it smelled like sh-t in here for weeks.

2. The Mellow Room
This is where Gilbert, James, and our park monitor Danny Dean stay. It’s quieter, cleaner, and the door is usually locked. This is where you come if you’ve had enough of the party or the stench from down the hall.

3. Guitar Hero
We just got this yesterday, so everybody’s in here playing it all day. It’s pretty addicting, you don’t think it is, but it’ll get you.

4. Skate Chair
Some kids pulled up one day and they had this skateboard chair already made and gave it to us. They just wanted to skate the park we think. They might have known somebody in the company, but nobody really knows. So they just hooked us up with a chair--it’s rad.

5. The Shower
The shower’s terrible, man. You always get athlete’s foot. It’s infested. You won’t have athlete’s foot before you show up, but stay here for a week and... fungus.

6. Vending Machine
The snack machine’s pretty tight. It’s got all sorts of goodies and whatnot. Here’s a little secret: Put in two quarters, and I’m not gonna tell you what button to push, but push the right one twice and you’ll get a two-for-one-deal.

7. The Kitchen
We got the grill outside, but in here there’s the microwave and the fridge. If you have any drinks in there, they’ll be gone. Everen had some Jell-O pudding in there too, and he’s still trying to find out who ate it.

8. Pool Table
When Drake Jones comes through on this thing, watch out--he’ll take your money. He acts like he can’t play, but he can play.

9. Tommy’s Limo
Since there’s supposed to be no smoking in the rooms, when this thing’s parked outside, it’s usually filled with a couple of heads. Tommy’s been saying he’s gonna buy another limo--but a white one. So, a couple years down the road, who knows? There might be a Tommy Sandoval limo service in the works.

10. Momma’s Gifts
James Hardy’s mom always makes these white-chocolate-covered pretzels at home, so she started sending buckets of them like every two weeks. She sends notes with them like, “Hey, stay safe. Stay out of trouble and call me when you get a chance. Love, Mom.

11. ‘Bama Gear
These license plates were on their way to Goodwill, but our park monitor Danny Dean thought that was crazy, so he snaked ’em. Now they hang right there above his bed. He bought those saddlebags for 40 bucks.

12. The Park
There’s nothing like having your own personal skatepark right down the hallway. We skate it anytime we want. We’re not naming any names, but there have been some other late-night uses for it too--pretty much on the top of the mini-ramp and on the roll-in.

13. Zero The Dog
This is Danny Dean’s dog Zero. It follows him around wherever he goes. What’s crazy is he named it before he even worked here.

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