Home Page: Tony Hawk

Unlike that wack rapper, there’re no PT Cruisers in the garage of the original Birdman.

1. Backyard Skatepark

It’s about 4,000 square feet—all my design, and SDG built it. The original plans included a kidney bowl as well, but the neighbors thought that would be too much of an eyesore (and they’re the only ones who can see it from their house, so I wasn’t about to argue). We first submitted it to the city council as a koi pond, and they shut it down because it was an obvious lie. It was then submitted as a “multi-use sport court, so they wouldn’t immediately see the word “skatepark and veto it. We drew diagrams of how we could use it as a racquetball court, dodgeball field, and other random layouts to distract them, and it worked. There are a few minor changes I would make if I could start over, but I find new lines all the time, and it keeps my limited street skills on point.

2. Tony Head Mold

This is the original head model for an RC toy that Tyco made. I thought it made me look like Dirk from Dragon’s Lair. They tweaked it in the end to make it look more real (less handsome).

3. Tony Hawk Cologne

I guest-starred on a TV show called What I Like About You. The main character was a publicist, and she was in charge of a PR event announcing my new cologne. Her little sister ended up sabotaging the event and accidentally made me crash into a buffet table. The prop girl on the show let me keep one of the bottles she made.

4. Key To The City Of Springfield

This was given to me by the mayor of Springfield, Oregon for donating money to their skatepark and attending the grand opening. This is the same Springfield that The Simpsons town is named after.

5. Nickelodeon Sports Person Of The Year

This is the fourth Kids’ Choice Award that I’ve received. Other nominees last year were Shaq, Tiger Woods, and Yao Ming. It’s actually a kaleidoscope.

6. Dad’s Fighter Pilot Helmet

This is my dad’s Navy helmet from World War II. He wore it while flying fighter jets over Okinawa.

7. First Skateboard

This is my first skateboard, which is actually a hand-me-down from my older brother. I don’t know how I managed to keep it after moving eight times since I got it, but I’m glad it’s still here.

8. Devo Hat

I’ve been a huge Devo fan since 1980, but never got to see them live. Somehow they agreed to play at our Boom Boom Huckjam shows in Anaheim and San Diego. Not only did I finally get to see them play, I got to skate right in front of them. They signed this hat after the show.

9. Lester Kasai Deck

I was good friends with Lester in the 80s, and he gave me this board when he started riding for Tracker. I copied the shape for my own model.

10. Hand-Cartooned Deck

Christian Jacobs (Gleaming The Cube, singer for Aquabats), Jason Lee, and I used to hang out a lot in the early 90s. They’re both two of the most creative people I’ve ever met. One day I walked into my garage and found this board that Christian had doodled on. He ended up doing some of our first Birdhouse graphics.

11. Jeremy Klein Deck

This was our first production board from Birdhouse. I remember the excitement of starting a new company, and Jeremy was one of our biggest supporters in the risky venture. He still is and he’s been a key figure in our art direction.

12. Arcade Game In The Garage

Activision sent me this as a Christmas present during the height of our success in the THPS series. It’s like Top Skater, but all vert—gotta keep it real.

13. Nightmare Before Christmas Print

I’m a huge Nightmare Before Christmas fan, so I’m on the list for galleries to call when they get original concept art from Tim Burton. I have two original TB drawings—one’s a concept for Sally and the other is a sketch of Jack’s sleigh. I also have all the limited-edition figurines. It’s a fetish.

14. Hi-Fi Setup

The living room contains a 60-inch plasma sscreen, HD TiVO receiver, test PS2 unit, Sirius receiver, DVD, VHS, and a DV player for checking footage.

15. Bath

It’s the “SOK tub from Kohler. Basically, water constantly overflows and it heats itself like a Jacuzzi. My little ones love it because they feel like they’re flooding the bathroom when they’re in it (something they would actually like to do, but I’m just too strict).