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1. Vintage Bike
It has suffered one flip already. I’ve had a few powerslides and the engine almost blew up, but it still runs great. It says ’76 on the frame, but it’s a copy of an old BMW from the 30s and 40s. When the Russians bombed Dresden, Germany, they basically unbolted all the machinery in the BMW factory and took it back to Russia, and that’s when they started making Urals, the Russian bikes. When the Russians were done with it, they gave the plans to the Chinese during the Second World War and the Chinese basically kept the bikes the same. That’s why it’s looks like a janky BMW.

2. My Beastical Of A Beast
This is the largest foreign bike in production—a massive engine, completely ridiculous. It’s a Triumph 2300cc—epic. I haven’t really taken it that fast, maybe like 110 or 120—that’s not that fast. I was driving pretty much 100 down from S.F. to L.A. the whole time, and then somewhere around Santa Barbara, I got a speeding ticket for going 80. That’s why it’s dangerous, ’cause you will lose your license. I’m thinking of getting rid of this and getting into older bikes that you can’t possibly go that fast on.

3. Hanoi Rocks Photo
Here’s the two greatest Fins—Andy McCoy and Mike Monroe. This was taken probably four or five years ago. My friend’s brother works at a newspaper and he was at a concert backstage snapping pictures for the newspaper, and I’m a big fan of them, so I tracked down the dude and he made me a print.

4. The Cruiser
This is the kryptonite cruiser. Mouly (Alex Moul) was over here at Christmas and was like, “Oh man, what is that? What? That’s my cruiser. That’s my Chewy run, which is the local store that’s right around the corner. He used to live on the same street right here. He was like, “I lost it about three or four years ago and didn’t know where it went. It’s just been sitting out on our porch. I guess it’s a closer distance to Chewy’s now.

5. Martin Guitar
That was a present from the good fellows at etnies for some surgery downtime vibe to kick out the jams again. It’s been jammed heavily—not that I know how to play at all. It still gets lovin’.

6. John Lydon Stencil
Here’s some Mr. Mark Oblow griptape art. He makes some funky stencils and gives them out to people. This is the new one. I added a little Hitler mustache—special touch.

7. Defense Mechanisms
My two favorite weapons to protect the house with. The Hollywood Wolf hangs out above the door—it’s a Finnish-style thing. When the man’s home, it’s usually when it gets used, so that’s where you put it. Above the door is its resting place. The throwing ax was a Christmas present and randomly floats around the house and gets thrown into things that are thought to be enemies.

8. Cameras
These are two inspiring cameras. The Mamiya super vintage press was one of the first quick-shot press, large format cameras that was used by the newspapers in the 70s. Let me just say it’s not that quick. You have to wind the film twice, cock the shutter on the lens in a weird place, and then fire a cock underneath where the wire is in another very weird place. The camera was a grand or something, and it’s gone around the world a few times with me. The other is a Roloflex that was acquired during a knee surgery trip to Vienna. I won it at a photo auction.

9. Reading Material
Evidence by Richard Avedon—epic images of Americans throughout the ages. It’s in black and white, and he was one of the heavy influential portrait photographers of our times. The Curse Of Lono, probably the most epic Hunter S. Thompson book ever written with illustrations by Ralph Steadmam—good goodness. It’s a re-released book.

10. Urbans Aquavit
I don’t know what that is, but it was sent over in a Christmas package from the Germans. Who knows when it’ll get released and the devil’s juice will be drunk; you never know what’ss going to happen.

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