Hosoi Rides Again

The truth and reality behind Christian Hosoi’s lifestyle as skateboarding’s top pro, to his eventual drug addiction, jail time, and his lengthy personal and spiritual recovery was highlighted Thursday night with the premiere of Rising Son, The Legend Of Skateboarder Christian Hosoi. Quiksilver, a supporter of Hosoi during the roughest of times, hosted the documentary showing with long-time friends, teammates, and family in attendance. Everyone from the Muska, to Tony Hawk, to Jay Adams were interviewed in the documentary and all held nothing back, revealing real detailed accounts of the rise, fall, and present day recovery of skateboarding’s most legendary riders. After being released from jail only a couple years ago, Hosoi has recently re-launched his company Hosoi Skateboards and in-between skating, he pastors at a Huntington Beach, CA church. The documentary approaches Hosoi’s drug addiction and personal downfall with a rawness that throws every detail on the table but highlights his fight to once again become a success and a significant figure in skateboarding today. It’s definitely another quality piece of work from director Cesario Montano.—Ben Kelly

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