What a way to cap off his amazing year better than getting the cover of our 2012 Buyer’s Guide? Nyjah Huston is going big with a 24-stair Smith grind, but this one didn’t come without a Wednesday Woe worthy slam, which you can see along with the make in his Rise & Shine part. Enter to win the biggest Payday we’ve ever had with none other than Theotis Beasley and his sixteen sponsors! Our Versus feature compares big and small wheels with Omar Salazar and Lance Mountain, wide vs. skinny decks with Louie Barletta and Chris Cole, and much more. We get in depth with tech interviews with Shane O’Neill, Nyjah, Stefan Janoski, Tyler Bledsoe, and more about every detail of their set ups. Then of course there’s all the decks, wheels, trucks, apparel, and shoes you can look forward to seeing next year. The 2012 Buyer’s Guide drops on newsstands November 29, 2011.

Photo: Barton