Our friends over at The House of Vista celebrated their third birthday this past Sunday in the back parking lot of the shop and hosted a full-blown parking lot jam. A classic assortment of front yard obstacles were getting ripped to pieces by everyone from your favorite Zero pros to local Vista skate rats and everyone in between all afternoon. Jimmy Astleford was there spinning records and serving up his delicious Jimbucha (you gotta try that shit if you haven’t!), The Chief was on the mic hosting and roasting a best trick contest, tons of free shit was thrown out and some one-of-a-kind Zero X The House of Vista collab boards and tees were up for sale.

**(There are still a few available on The House’s online store too, get one here!)

Big shout out to Mike and Ted Bricke for continuing to relentlessly show support for not only Vista, but all of North County SD. If you haven’t been to the shop yet you’re missing out on something special. Get your ass over there and buy a board!

Check some photos below and give @thehouseofvista a follow on Instagram afterwards. These dudes are doing it right and we were stoked to celebrate their third birthday with them! We’ll see you guys next year.

PHOTOS / Aaron Oquendo (@mr_illectric)

Early birds got the good seats! Dane Burman and Gabriel Summers were in the front row.

If “winning the demo” was a thing, Brooks definitely won. He didn’t stop all afternoon.

Noah Lora and Jon Goeman taking some time off from filming the new $lave video to support The House! Zack Sorenson (far right) is also the best skater ever. YouTube his Double Guns part(s).

Reggie Kelly was the only one to make it over the table. First he ollied it and followed it up with a frontside 180. G!

Shop owners Mike and Ted Bricke (behind the counter) talking with Jamie Thomas about what appears to be sticker placements.

The OG Bricke! When your dad is there grilling up for every skate rat in Vista, you know he’s a stand up guy. It’s all in the family!

Then came the wall… Brooks took it frontside.

You know Ace Pelka can’t help but get in on the action.

Not sure who this was, but he battled this wall bash and yanked it in to fakie. Sweet victory!

Brooks experimenting backside rides. Looks like he’s just manualling the wall!

Yes, Ace really has it like this!

The real star of the demo was Gunner Sandoval, Tommy Sandoval’s son. Let’s be honest… NONE of us were ripping like him when we were his age. The future is too bright for this one!

The Zero squad was there supporting the Zero X The House board and shirt collabs. If you got one, you’re hyped!


There was a steady wave of people in and out the shop all day. Hats off to anyone that bought some shit! You know who you are.

Jimmy Astleford is always at The House events showing support, spinning records and serving up his delicious Jimbucha. All Mazzy approved!

The skating went on far into the afternoon…

The House of Vista crew rules! From left to right: Mike Bricke, Ted Bricke, Garrett Lekas, and Jon Bricke. So much love for this squad. Cheers to a million more years! Photo: @mikrick