How to: Frontside Pop Shove-it Nosegrind

1. First, before you start this trick, make sure you have frontside pop shove-its on lock as well your backside nosegrinds.
2. Roll parallel to the ledge.
3. Next, depending on the height of the ledge, frontside pop shove-it as high as you can.
4. Then, in the air you have to get your weight toward the front of the board. You want to land in a nosegrind and keep your weight balanced.
5. Grind as long as you like.
6. Pop off the end of the ledge like you would for a nose manual, or step it up like me and pop out early. Point your toes down toward the floor so you can get that proper pop out.
7. Finally, land and throw your hands up in the air and thank God.