How To: Nollie Five-0 Grind On A Handrail With Tosh Townend

The nollie five-0 is a standard, basic ledge trick, but taking it to the rails not only proves you’re a nollie champ, but that you’ve truly graduated into manhood. Welcome to the club.

1. Get your nollies down, and practice popping ’em in front of a crack so you know when to pop for step number two.

2. Ride up to the rail with a good amount of speed, and pop a nollie before the end of the takeoff.

3. As you’re in the air, use your back foot to level off the nollie over the rail, and prepare to shift your weight to the rear and land on that back truck.

4. Once the back truck hits, lock it into a five-0 and balance it like a manual.

5. When exiting, stay centered over your bolts and use your equilibrium to maintain your center of gravity.

6. As you put your wheels down, you’ll know you’ve landed it clean. In the end, it doesn’t matter how someone explains it, it’s all about feeling your wheels.-Tosh Townend

How To: Frontside Big Spin With Mike Carroll


I wonder if this is how all “How Tos” happen? You call up a photographer that you like to hang out with, whether you end up skating or not, you know you’re gonna have a couple laughs and good times, and then you drive around aimlessly all day with no plan of where to go or what to try. The day begins to come to an end and you want to feel like you actually did something productive or even skated at all. You finally end up at a random spot that you get kicked out of right away, of course, so you start heading back to the car, stop at a little set of steps, and start messin’ around.

1. First thing you need to do is make sure you got a buddy to witness this awesome trick, and make sure he’s hella close so when you land, he’s right there to give you some validation. Now start by trying frontside pop shoves and accidentally over-rotate the spin.

2. Now go at it actually wanting to do a frontside big spin. Start to spring in the air using your toe, calves, gluteus, and abs!

3. When you’re up in the air, make sure you suck up your abs and make sure you stay out of your hip flexors while you catch your board.

4. Once you’ve caught it, let yourself know that you only have 180 degrees to go-it’s not that many. And this is when the obliques need to kick in for the twist.

5. Only 90 more to go! Get ready for the landing by wondering, “Am I really gonna land it? I’m so close! I hope I do!”

6. To make sure you don’t land and shoot out, focus on your

abdominals and gluteus and make sure they’re ready for impact. Voilà-! You’re still rolling! Now high five your buddy, because you just learned the hottest trick to sweep the nation since the kicky front board. Now realize how much fun that was and do it all again tomorrow.

Now, if these tips don’t work for you, don’t worry. They don’t work for me either. I just wing it and hope for the best.-Mike Carroll