Chris Cole has had a year to remember. He skated every contest from mainstream to the core, and won them all. He took home our Readers Choice award in June, then immediately went on vacation in Grand Cayman and proceeded to slaughter the Black Pearl park. Wallenberg, Crossroads, and The Berrics all fell victim to his reign, then he capped it all by dropping a video part in the Zero’s Strange World to a Jeezy track. How does he do it!? Read on.

Interview by Blair Alley

Looking back on 2009, would you say its been the best year of your career?
Yeah absolutely. It's been the year that I felt most comfortable on my board, and most confident to try tricks that were awkward for me. I think I'm gonna look back on this year and be really proud and blessed that it happened in my life.

Let's list all the accomplishments: TWS Readers Choice, Maloof, Dew Tour, Crossroads contest, Battle At The Berrics 2, Wallenberg, Strange World part, what am I missing?

I think you got it.

Any one of those that stands out as your proudest accomplishment?
Each one is just too cool for words, to have them all back to back just makes each one so much better to me. I got real lucky.

Which was your favorite and least favorite contests to participate in?
Well each one is cool for different reasons. I like skating things that make you use diversity. For instance Wallenberg—speed gap skating. BATB2—flatground. Maloof—all street. The Maloof course is just awesome to skate so I’d say it was the funnest. Wallenberg is for self accomplishment, not so much "fun,” although it’s rad it hurts. That is necessary for me though. Keeps me grounded and working for it.

Did the vacation down to Cayman Islands help rest you mid-year?
Yes and no. I wasn't there just to relax, I was skating everyday sweating my soul out. It was great! Thanks to JR, and everyone who made that happen. It was awesome swimming around with my family.

What do you think of a Bastien Salabanzi comeback on the contest scene next year? Have you seen this footage?
Please comment!
That's retarded! I have good news and bad news—bad news is that I don't wanna be a hater, but holy sh-t, that was one step away from touching himself. Good news is he is good at everything he does. His cocky approach gives us so many awesome quotes like, “Don't come to France, I already killed it." When you meet him he is actually real cool, and has a great sense of humor. We need one self-propping dude in skating, just one, and if it isn't him then I don't want anyone else to fill his shoes.

What would you have to win or land specifically to get as hyped as Bastien was in that clip?
A double Cab flip. Just kidding.
Not possible. I don't get to that point, I think I would have to be wasted, kill the contest, and in between go shred a guitar solo, deliver a baby, kick a terrorist’s ass, and shoot a flaming arrow into my name on the jumbo screen. I’m so happy he did that though, that's awesome.

What's on your sights now? Filming any new video parts?
Filming is about to start for the next Zero video in a year. I love filming things for Web stuff to. The Berrics is always an awesome time, I’ve also been going to the Fantasy Factory. Thanks Steve, Eric, and Rob!

Will you enter as many contests next year?
I don't know. Maybe, but it depends on health and family. I like to be there for all the people that showed up to watch skating. I wanna skate hard so that everyone leaves amped (as amped as they can get on my skating. I know some people could get less amped due to my skating and that's just unavoidable).