Hurley TF Grand Opening

On Wednesday the 26th, So Cal based clothing manufacturer Hurley opened the doors to select retailers and media to celebrate the opening of it’s newly “Dagger Built skate facility. The evening kicked off with a full Hawaiian BBQ spread, two kegs of brew and a team demo from Hurley riders Andre Genovesi, Bob Burnquist, James Atkin, Kris Markovich, Curren Caples, John Dickson, Collin Hale, Rodolfo and Wagner Ramos, Donovon Psicopo, Tyson Bowerbank, and special guests Omar Hassan, Fabrizio Santos, and the Daggers Dave Duncan, Christian Hosoi, and Eddie Reategui.

The session was insane with multiple skaters flying around the park all at the same. Most notable were Omar’s 5-0’s to fakie and lipslides in the big pool coping corner, Burnquist’s nose bonk to fakie on the ceiling over 8′ of vert, Curren Caples blunts to fakie on the big bank to wall, Rodolfo Ramos and Fabrizio destroying the hubba’s, James Atkin lighting up the bank to ledge and Markovich’s lines throughout the entire setup.

With good food, good people, and some amazing skating going down, it was a night to remember. Special thanks go out to Bob Hurley, Paul Gomez, and Kevin Meehan for bringing this facility to life and thanks to all the saters for coming out and ripping the place to pieces.—AA

Check the slideshow to see the park!