Hurley’s Pool Rules Art Show

The Tradeshow/artshow is Friday Sept 8th till Sunday the 10th.
The reception for the artshow is Friday 4pm till 7pm in the convention center in room 17b.

Pool Rules! is a gathering the world’s finest skateboard legends from four different generations of skateboarding to participate in an art exhibition revolving around the riding of empty backyard swimming pools.

All of those included in this exhibit have dedicated their lives to many facets of skateboarding, especially pool riding. Most have had a direct bearing on pool skating history and some have helped save a scene that was threatened by extinction during the lean years of the early 90’s. All have had some kind of major impact over youth culture during the last 30 years.

The volatile mix of Skateboarding ,teenage rebellion ,punk rock and artistic freedom ushered in a new wave of open-minded skaters who created positives out of negatives from the barren landscape of the American wasteland. Their influence can still be felt today.