I Swear On My Ankles!

The last days of the Arizona tour were spent in the old mountain town of Prescott. It’s an authentic biker town and a great place to escape the heat in the summer months. It’s also the current home of ex-pros Randy Colvin and Crazy Eddie Nemeth. These guys were a pleasure to skate and party with. The local shop Calavera took great care of us and even treated us all to dinner at the finest Mexican restaurant in Prescott. After that Randy Colvin took over hospitality duties. First it was a dive bar where his friend’s band was playing, then it was over to Moctezuma’s on Whiskey Row where we pretty much held VIP status—free drinks, run of the jukebox, and half the crew was underage. Check the pics to see what happened after that, it’s pretty blurry to us all, hey it was the last night of tour, that’s how it goes.

Check the slideshow for photos from Slash wild night!