Ice Cream in Chicago: Report 2

Okay, Terry Kennedy and Cato Williams flew in from their red-eyes this morning and are already throwing down some of the gnarliest tricks of the trip! Having Terry on the scene has definitely sparked everyone. Tons of sh-t went down today and it’s only the second day of the trip. Terry’s non-stop comedy in the van and at the spots is turning a great trip into epic times. Terry was trying a gnarly line today, and when he sat down to take a drink, a random kid offered him a brand-new Arizona Iced Tea. A few minutes later when Terry nailed the line, he gave the kid his brand new board and shoes. As Terry said later, “You gotta take that stuff into consideration.” Classic.

Our amazing tourguide, Mr. Josh Kalis is driving back to Michigan tonight to spend time with his lady and daughter before he heads out to the King Of L.A. on Friday. A big thank you is owed! Native son Dax Miller will be taking over tourguide duties from here on out.

Check the slideshow fools.