Ice Cream in Chicago: Report 3

After a quick stop at the Niketown and the local H&M store for some gear, the team hit up the butter bench spot known at The Matrix for some warm-up and to film some lines. The session lasted until after dark as many warm-up spots tend to do more than warm you up—they keep you there all day. For dinner the crew headed downtown to Chicago’s famous Joe’s Stone Crab for an amazing seafood dinner. The shee-shee crowd about choked on their food when Terry Kennedy walked in neck tats blazing. We sat nine deep in the middle of the restaurant with everyone breaking their necks and the tuxedoed waiters whispered under their breaths to one another. Plates of Filets, shrimp, calamari, and racks of lamb were ordered and served. Finally a lady asked us if we were in a band or if we were a dance group (?!). “Don’t worry about us, we’re gettin’ money,” Terry fired back. Then some fat suit at an adjacent table shouted,
“What about me? I make money too?!”
“Yeah, but you look like you’re 40, I’m 21,” barked Terry. Dude was shut down and embarrassed in front of his peers. A few moments later Scotty Pippen walked up to our table and wished the Ice Cream team well. Oh, the look on the peoples’ faces. Pippen bounced in his Rolls Phantom that we saw parked outside with his fine-ass date. A big shout to Terry’s aunt Oprah that picked up the tab, it surely wasn’t small change.

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