Ice Cream in Chicago: Report 5

Roadtrip! The crew headed out to Rockford, Illinois today with the help of local ripper Dax Miller. Truly God’s country. The spots were plentiful but the humidity was brutal. At the end of the day, photos got logged and it was all worth it. Back in the city, the team headed over to Rodan on Milwaukee Ave to check out Ian Reid’s Video Remix. After Rodan closed, some of the team went to The Note while some taxied back to Rush and Division for another night at Shenanigan’s.

This morning, everyone took a well-deserved sleep in. After Tomato Head delivery, the rain started pouring. Well, friends, this may very well be the last report from the road. Keep your eyes peeled for the fruits of the Ice Cream team’s labor soon. Thanks, Chicago!

Check all the photos in the slideshow!