Get Tricks Or Die Tryin’ Premiere

Volcom’s Boat Haus in Costa Mesa is a peculiar place. I saw a surfboard shaping area set up in the corner but other than that, I had no idea what purpose this warehouse served. Don’t get me wrong, it was a fine place for a premiere, along with the five kegs of free beer that were provided. After asking around I was finally informed that it’s used for bands to practice in and as an art studio for Volcom’s artists. Wow. Volcom’s got that much dough that they have a warehouse complete with lofts and a pool table just for bands and artists to hang out in? Answer: yes.

Dennis Martin, Digital’s main filmer and editor finished the video right at about the time it was due to start. A minor delay just meant more beer to drink, and at video premieres a drunk crowd is a good crowd. Jani Laitala kicked off the video with an amazing part. I’m not gonna spoil anything, not that I could, my memory is pretty fuzzy. Snyderman and Gailea’s parts blended together for a hell of an ender. Get your hands on this video when it comes out. It’s one of the best Digital’s yet.

Check the slideshow for more pics.