It’s Time Premiere

Ah, the Avalon in Hollywood, it’s a great place to premiere a skate video. almost premiered Round 3 there about a year and a half ago. These two premieres had one major thing in common—free drinks. Always a good call. Oh yeah, the video—it was really good. Everyone came through with gnarly parts. You’ll be impressed with how good these guys are. Cheers, Lee Dogg, well done.

Everything went smoothly, the place was packed, every kid that wanted to come in and watch got in without any lame security jocks harassing them that happens too often at premieres. If you didn’t go, you blew it. Amazingly, C1RCA will be giving these DVDs away for free inside their pro model shoe boxes. Point—go out and get some Lopez, Colt, Ramondetta, or Allie shoes. It’s a no brainer.

Check the slideshow for tons of embarassing party photos!