Lets Do This! Sun Diego UTC Premier

Friday August 31st Sun Diego in the UTC shopping center in La Jolla held a premier for TransWorld‘s 19th skate video Lets Do This!. Jonas from Sun Diego hooked it up for the kids. They held the premier outside in the food court area. About 80 kids came out to see the movie and get an autograph from one of the stars of the video, Peter Smolik. Peter ended showing up a little late. The kids that were still hanging around were stoked to get an autograph and their picture taken with Pete. Jonas put together prize packs full of goodies for the first 12 people to buy the video. Two lucky kids got decks. Every one had a good time even though it was 88 degrees outside and slight sprinkles. Thanks to Sun Diego and Jonas for a great premier.—Joe Picciolo

Check the slideshow for all the photos!