I’m Alright, The Jon Holland Interview

Whats the idea/feel behind this video and how did you come up with the title, “Are You Alright?”

The idea was to do something different from all these other tour videos you see full of demos in dark skateparks and loads of fanning out, signing autographs. We rented a 36ft. R.V., and drove through the northwest skating all kinds of terrain. We had no set schedule, nowhere to be at any certain time or distributors to meet or any of that crap. It was a play it by ear adventure. We also did something new for us by having my friend Nathan Shineywater tell the story through a narrative. It gives it more of a mini movie feel than that of a skateboard video. The name of the flick came from the talented mind of my partner Jason Hernandez. We were making one of those 9hr.drives from Portland to Hailey, Id., tossing names around when he came up with that one. It fits so well considering there were some injuries along the way. That’s a big part of the story, the injuries that is, and the way they’re dealt with on the road. We had a tough ass group.

How long were you on the road filming and how many places/cities did you hit up?

We were on the road for a grand total of 23 days, but the first and last day were a wash due to driving. We started off at Grass Valley, then Emerald pools (for swimming), Truckee, Reno, Klammath Falls, West Lynn, Burnside, Donald (for a night session with Lance Mountain, Alex Horne and Jamie Weller), Ballard, Bainbridge and Orcas Islands, Anacortes, Bellingham (for an incredible pool), Portland and Seattle street spots, Mt. Hood and finished off at Hailey, Id.

What was the most unique thing skated on this road-trip?

Klammath Falls park is unbelievable and Orcas Island as well. You just have to experience for yourself. They just don’t build that kind of insanity in California.

What was the beverage and food of choice on the trip?

Most drank PBR’s but Duffy did just fine with O’Douls. Foodwise, it was definitely PBJ’s and burgers.

Did you see bigfoot?

To quote Mitch Hedberg, “Bigfoot’s blurry.

What happened in Canada? Oh that’s right, you never made it in. Would you care to explain why?

Canada was lame. For some strange reason we could have crossed the border had we payed them all this money? I’ve never heard such garbage in all my life. We were there for five hours. It was just ridiculous.

The release date is coming up quick. Is the video finished? Are you stressing?

The video isn’t finished but it’s getting close. We’re still waiting on some music rights and still have the credits to do. The flick is going to premier in Portland and Seattle on Nov. 7th and 8th. I’m not stressing though, we got it covered.

I’m sure the dvd will have some sort of extra footage, would you care to give up some of that information?

Bonus dvd features will include all the extra skating footage of course, as well as a little feature interview with Clint Peterson and Ped Urtz telling their version of the story.

Anything else you’d like to add?

This was one of the best trips Ive been associated with. Just the group of people jived well and each personality brought a different element to the video. I didn’t know some of the guys before this trip so you never really know how everyone’s going to get along, but there were no blowouts which is pretty amazing considering we all slept, ate, and drank inside of a 36ft.box. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.