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On The Cover: This cover rules for about a gazillion reasons, but here are a select few: first off, it’s Nick Trapasso, pretty self-explanatory; it’s a backside Smith grind on a fence, so his back wheels are at borderline wallride proximity; Ed motherf’in Templeton lent us his doodling skills and art directed the sucker; Nick color coordinated his shades with his shirt. If you need more reasons than that to see why this is one hell of an OG cover, you’re on your own, pal. Sorry. photo: Trinh


Zered Bassett Roll Call

Powering through the rawest spots and keeping it as real as can be, Dr. Z carries the torch for the East Coast.


Hoon Run

What in the blazes is a hoon, and furthermore, why should you give a damn? Well, if you’re down for the likes of Peter Hewitt, Chet Childress, and Jake Duncombe, then you better educate yourself. Hoon video here.


Nick Trapasso Pro Spotlight

It may have just been another one of his dumb ideas, but more often than not, it’s the dumb ones that really count. Trapasso tells all in the non-dumbest dumb interview of his career. Fa sho, it’s essential.


Behind Enemy Lines

Kenny Reed storms the heavily guarded gates of North Korea and even manages to hop on his board in one of the world’s most locked-down locales.


DC Chaos Theory

Straying away from all the caged-in skate plazas, DC took it back to the open streets of cities like NYC, SF, and Philly to dodge traffic and remember what street skating’s all about.


Brain Floss Ed Templeton

Ed Templeton is a very unique and distinguished character in a field of characters. Skateboarding has a wealth of artists, but it’s fair to say Ed may be one of the most defining members of this growing class. What has been somewhat understated, though, is his growing and respected role in the contemporary art world. Here Ed shares some insights on a creative path and artistic life experience that seems to have no boundaries or sign of slowing down. Words by John McGuire