Innes/Black Label Am Walk The Line Tour

Photos by Chris Donez
Words by Lance Conklin

Braving the great outdoors with the heat, rain, bugs, floods, broken AC, long drives, rabid board wanting groms and numerous odd happenings, we have made it back from our starting point in Oceanside Ca. Chris Troy, Shuriken Shannon, Shaun Gregoire, Steve Reeves, Donovan Rice, Peter Raffin, Lance Conklin, and the “Donez” were met up in Albuquerque, New Mexico with Adam Alfaro for our first leg of our “Walk The Line” am tour. We will be starting off the second part of the tour Sunday at Sun Diego and heading north to Northern California, Oregon, Washington State, Idaho, Utah and Las Vegas, Nevada. Check Innes and Black Label sites and TWS for stops and come out to see us if where in or near your town. Happy Trails!—Conklin