I'm a big fan of the AMC series, The Walking Dead and have been watching the show since its 2010 premiere. Recently, I came to find out that one of the main antagonists from the newer seasons, Austin Amelio (aka Dwight), is a really good skateboarder. After watching a video part he filmed a few years back on YouTube and being fully impressed with how good he was, we tracked Austin down while in LA this past week to nerd out about the show, find out about how far he went with skateboarding before his acting career took off, and how he continues to skate with his busy acting schedule. Turns out, Daryl's arch nemesis is a rad dude and you might find yourself rooting for Dwight after all. —Jaime Owens

Check Austin’s video part and ‘Beef Swag 420’ parody below!

Austin Amelio in The Devil’s Toy:

Beef Swag 420: