Introducing Zack Wallin: New enjoi Am

Zack joins Ryan Lay as enjoi’s newest ams, and boy is this part a doozey. Zack completed a two-week tour of duty in Scandinavia and Russia (as documented here) to prove his worth on the team. In the Torn Off Balls tour article in our June 2012 issue, we polled the current enjoi roster to find out what Zack and Ryan bring to the team. Louie Barletta responded with, “Homosexual vibes and beefcake bodies,” while Ben Raemers was more specific stating, “Zack’s the buff male model guy.” Nestor Judkins noted, “Zack’s big dumb grin reels in the ladies,” and Cairo simply put, “Zack is a powerhouse skater.” Jerry added, “Zack was like Wilt Chamberlain out there (in Europe). What a legend.” Welcome to enjoi, Zack.