TWS Donates To Tony Hawk Foundation

The Tony Hawk Foundation is good for skateboarding.  Really, really good.  That’s why TransWorld SKATEboarding recently donated over $58,000 from the sales of the Tony Hawk special edition issue to it.  The special edition went on sale in November and TransWorld donated $0.50 for every copy sold.  If you do the math, that’s equals a whole lot of Tony Hawk fans.  Tony took time out of his insanely busy schedule last week to stop by the TransWorld SKATEboarding headquarters to pose with the gigantic check.   

The goal of the organization is to aid and empower groups that are trying to get public skateparks built in their communities.  The Foundation acts as a resource to help ensure that the parks are properly and safely built.  If you’ve ever been part of the effort to get a community skatepark built, and then it turns out to pretty much suck because of an inexperienced contractor or poor planning, then you know who you need to contact next time you want to see it done right.  Although they don’t actually finance the building of the park, the Tony Hawk Foundation helps get the projects off the ground in a big way.  

In 2003, the Tony Hawk Foundation received nearly 400 applications and they were able to give out 115 grants totaling more than $450,000.  If you’re looking to get a park built in your hood, contact these guys first.  You may not be lucky enough to get one of the grants, but at least you can educate yourself so you don’t end up with a park that falls apart or has to be permanently closed.   

Check out for information on fundraising, how to get a skatepark built in your hometown, and a soon-to-be-added skatepark directory.