Jake Brown – Best Vert Award

How “On God’s green earth?” (I got you-Rob Dyrdek quote) did Danny Way not win Vert Skater Of The Year for his bonus part in the DC Deluxe Edition alone? I know it’s a tough one to get your head around-I can tell by the message-board kids. But I’ll try and explain it as clearly as possible, in three parts. 1) I honestly don’t know, because I was at the premiere of the aforementioned DC Deluxe Edition and in my entire “career” of premiere going (snuck into my first, the Stereo video A Visual Sound (’94), when I was a lowly UCLA student, even had to take a Greyhound to SF) I have never seen a crowd reaction (a.k.a. cheering, throwing beers, going insane) like the one that lasted throughout D. Way’s entire bonus part. I couldn’t even believe the front crooks myself. I mean, it’s just not possible. 2) Ever notice how a lot of dudes in the X-Games do the same tricks over and over (mild understatement) and the same run year after year. I’m not dissing them. Everybody’s gotta eat. But in truth, there are only really a handful of vert skaters who are actually inventing vert tricks in video parts. It’s been that way ever since vert “died” in ’90 and Danny and Colin were basically the only two vert skaters in videos left on Earth that you wouldn’t give the old FF (See Questionable (’92) and Virtual Reality (’93) for references, little Johnny.) Anyway, back to the point-Jake Brown is in that club. The fact that Weiss got him on Blind speaks enough for me to shut the f-k up anyway. Jordan Richter aside, you don’t get on Blind by skating vert unless you mean it. 3) Jake Brown has been ripping for years, and he never got the laurels that Danny, Bob, and Colin sit on. So-time’s up, kooks. Verdict: Hosoi’s back, and vert’s back, motherf-kers. Bring on the damn Great Wall. -Mackenzie Eisenhour