James Craig Web Exclusive Interview

How long have you and Murs been friends?

It’s been 5 or 6 years, maybe longer.

How did you guys meet?

I’m a huge fan of Living Legends. My good homie JustinMartin (patchworks) and myself saw those dudes at a show and asked them if they wanted to get some stuff at Liberty board shop. So they came to the shop and let them get some gear and kicks. Murs has been down with all of us since.

Skateboarding and music are closely knit as we all know from cats like Steve Cab, Ray Barbee, etc. Why do you think this is?

The open expression of oneself. I have no musical talent at all, but i get hyped to skate when i hear a new song that I’m feeling. Watching skate videos also helps influence musical taste like seeing someone with a smooth style skating to a dope smooth song. It just works.

You most definitely think outside the box and are verycreative with your skating just as Murs is with the tracks he drops. Do you guys connect well due to the fact you both are not carbon copies?

It’s in large part to do with guys like Murs who openly express the fact that they want to be original. Creative inspiration is turned into my creative skating.

I recall that one day way back before I got sick when me, you, Seu, and Murs went and skated. I was blown away to see him skate. What other talents does he posses that the general public wouldn’t know about?

I can’t say, it’s a secret!

I noticed there has been a mass exodus of S.D. and Orange county, etc for Hollywood or LA, or more intense Barcelona. Do you have plans to migraSKATE to another loSKATEtion?

No, im staying put in north OC. I love Barce but i feel bad for the locals, American pros have killed their whole city. LA is always going to be 30 minutes away.

Do you have any funny storys about Corey Sheppard drunk? I recall one time seeing him in Vegas where he was spilling his drink all over his Ceasar salad, then ate it and then realized it tasted like shit and by accident knocked the plate off the table. His lady freaked out and was trying to clean it up but the waiters rolled up and were used to drunk humans in their casino so they did not seem fazed.

When Corey gets wasted he has a problem standing and talking. He threw a Corona at my head in Perth, 20 of us on a Dwindle trip, almost got the boot.

I know down here it is next to impossible to find a filmer who is down to go film unless it is a 22 step rail. How do you find a filmer who is down to actually go skate street and is not in it for the one time banger and tight pants and black nails? I’m asking this because I’ve been hunting hard.

I’m one of the lucky ones, my good friend Aaron Brown films me. He filmed a good portion of the Blind video. Now he’s been filming D Way, Jake Brown and Bob on the super ramp after getting a job at ignition.tv. Check out www.razorsharpcrew.com.

If you won the lotto, the Cal state one that I just read is in the zone of 100 million, what would you do with the cash?

I would pay off all my debt. Get a house with a skate TF, golf course, and basketball court. Then Vegas here we come.

It has been hella hot here on the ocean in SD, I can’timagine what the weather has been like in Fullerton. What is your secret to not getting jacked from the heat out there?

Grin and bear it. It has been hot as hell up here but at least I’m not in an office. Lots of water and Gatorade.

Who are some of your heros?

I look up to all kinds of people: Phil Jackson, Johnny Chan,Lebron James, and Guy Mariano. But as far as heros, my mom, that’s a tough job!

Did you have a fun time at the TW awards last weekend? Any funny highlights of your night or the afterparty?

That was a fun night! I’m not big on industry events, with allthe odd looks and uncomfortable conversation. The ghetto bird flexing on the crowd was funny though.

Today is 666, are there any parties your friends are putting on? I know we won’tt have this up on the web until 667 or 8, but any stories would be rad.

No, just some animal sacrifices. Nothing too big.

Who would you like to thank?

My family, Lisa my girlfriend (I love you), The Liberty crew, the razor crew, my homies, and anyone who has given me a chance THANK YOU. For the haters keep the fuel coming!