January 06 Online DVD Reviews!

Strongest Of The Strange

Pontus Alv

Pontus Alv’s Strongest of the Strange is not going to be winning any awards this year, but it is one of the most original, and entertaining skateboard videos I’ve seen in a while. It showcases the talent of Javier Mendizabal, Daniel Hakansson, and Jan Kliewer, but most importantly has full parts from both Scott Bourne and Pontus Alv. The intro to Bourne’s part is a monologue of wisdom, ending with “Life itself is still beautiful, which it is. At the end of his part, you find out what happens when you cross Scott Bourne with a quarterpipe, a wallride, and one of the craziest handrails in recent history--pure madness. Pontus has the last section, it’s been a while since his last part, and the tré’s are still looking amazing. Be forewarned though, the beginning of the video has reoccurring glimpses of the dreaded beast known as the “nude dude. If anybody remembers the scene from Silence of the Lambs where Ted Levine is dancing with his junk tucked between his legs, then you’re already prepared. I don’t know if this will get the recognition it deserves because it’s arty and doesn’t have a lot of handrails, but it’s one of those videos that gets you psyched on going skating with your friends.--Boosh

Ellis Island Promo

Zoo York

Usually when a company comes out with a promo it’s only a few minutes long, and doesn’t really have too much exciting stuff, as they’re saving the goods for the real video. Not Zoo York. The Ellis Island promo has five different montages with footage from the whole team in each one. The new footage of Kevin Taylor, Kenny Hughes, Rob Welsh, Clyde Singleton, and Zered Bassett is reason enough to watch this, but the two ams, Aquil Brathwaite and Lamar Hemmings, come through with amazing tricks the whole video. Also, be sure to watch out for Clyde’s back smith on a bank to barrier, shit is too gangster. There’s new Donny Barley footage that is amazing, and also two tricks from Harold Hunter, securing his legend status. Zered’s part(s) from the Vicious Cycle video he made are also in the bonus sections, and if they teach you one thing let it be this--don’t take Zered to your spots. If you’ve never seen this part then you are definitely blowing it and need to watch and respect. All in all, Zoo York came through with this promo, and it’s worth buying for the bonus features alone.--Boosh

Black Label

Who Cares: The Duane Peters Story

Dwain peters spit on tony hawk at Del mar in 81 he walked straight up to T hawk and was like “get out of here this is punk rock kid” SPIT.  
 To anybody that thinks karma is not true that alone should be evidence for us all to join a commune shave our heads dip our saffron robes into lavender and  grow a Organic garden.  
 The guy is a punk rocker true to the heart of it no trendy shit one track from the US bombs or any of his other bands he has been in and you will know that. He talks like he has been smoking sense 14000 BC and has no teeth his music represents individuality not pop punk shit like blink 187 or whatever that shit is. Pete,s stuff sounds like exploited sub humans Chaos UK  and the UK subs Naked ray gun and all that good shit that Anybody who has ever skated a mini ramp loves to listen to when there mates and them are in the back yard busting sweepers and f/s rocks. Buy this video check out the life of Pete and how he will never be bought or sold just like the label he represents….  in all it is a great film and it will be good for the young one,s to get educated on a great personality like Pete. I give this film a  deck with rails trucks and Bering’s and some hard ass  62 mm ,s ….--Nate Sherwood


Volume 13, Number 2

One day I was stressed out about bills the Asteroid that will hit us in 18 years and the fact I am 26 and still have no income what so fucking ever. Then I got a call when I was vacuuming Rob Dydecks plaace to make some change under the table. RING RING THE NOKIA WENT  “HALLOW NATO HERE”  HEY NATE THIS IS CRIS ORTIZZZZZ FROM 411 VIDEO MAGAZINE WE WANT YOU TO BE IN THIS ON LINE COMP WE ARE HAVING YOU COULD WIN 800 IF YOU PASS THE FIRST ROUND”  NO SHIT I SAY BACK WOW REALLY? IS THIS A PRANK CALL? “NO NATE THIS IS REAL I NEED A TRICK IN 2 DAYS” OK I SHALL GET YOU ONE MR ORTIZ SIR THANKS FOR THIS OPPORTUNITY SO MUCH YOU MADE MY DAY. I put down the vacuum tossed out the razor blade I was going to use to commit suicide tossed out the letter explaining my suicide then called drove home after detailing robs house to the T. Got home called up ray ray YO  RAY RAY YOU THINK TY WOULD KILL ME IF I USED ANY OF THAT CHOMP 2 TOP SECRET FOOTIE  THAT YOU OR HIM  HAVE  FILMED OF ME AND INSTEAD USE IT FOR THIS  411 BATTLE ON LINE THING?
RAY RAY WAS LIKE “NATE WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING CRACK FOR A LIVING NOW?  HE WOULD KILL ME YOU AND PROBABLY MY DOG AND YOUR MOTHER AND HER MOTHER AND YOUR GOLD FISH IF YOU DID SOME BULLSHIT LIKE THAT”  Okay I WAS LIKE WHAT SHOULD I do I cant use any of my chomp 2 footie cant use any shit that has been in 411 49 bonus sec. So I was left with a low rez clip from Aug 01 no joke my clip was from fucking 01. So I sent it in. Lost got bummed now I am on Prozac and feel great….--Nate Sherwood