Recently you and Girl have parted ways and now you’re on Plan B and also got on Red Bull, Silver, and Famous Stars and Straps. Did you see yourself going in new direction or did things just work themselves out?

Yeah, that’s just the way they went. I’m still the same person, completely. I had a disagreement about my board sales at Girl. I didn’t feel that were giving me what I was really selling and that’s how we had the falling out. And Plan B was just perfect. I didn’t talk to any other companies. I mean some companies had talked to me, but Plan B called me the day I got off Girl—however they knew—but they called me literally the day I got off, Colin McKay did. Well… they had to have a whole team meeting and everything, but they called me that day and I told them there’s no place I’d rather be or see myself fit in better than Plan B.

So, what about Famous?

Famous is just a brand that I wanted to be with that I liked and wanted to wear. Famous just fits me a lot better.

So, do you have a lot of say in design or do you have a signature line coming out or anything?

I mean, we’ll probably do some stuff, but as of right now I’m just happy with the gear. But definitely, I would like to start my own brand at some point.

Was P-Rod a big part of you getting on Plan B? How’s it like having a homey over there?

I wasn’t premeditated at all, because I wasn’t planning on getting off Girl, I just got off. Plan B was the only place I could see myself fitting in. It’s a real good team, like a little league team. I knew that they are a new brand and that they’re a climbing brand, so that’s fun. They’re not set in their ways. They’re still willing to try new stuff. And then everyone—Sheckler really wanted me on, Paul did, PJ did, so there’s nothing anybody else could’ve proposed. They were pushing for me hard and so were Colin and Danny.

How is it competing against your teammates at contests?

Yeah, we’re psyched. Either way we’re on the same brand, but of course you want to individually win.

And you’re also all filming for the next Plan B video. How gnarly is all that footage looking? Have you seen any of it?


You haven’t seen anything?


Are they keeping it locked down?

I’ve just been real busy lately. I don’t really know.

Tell me about the Famous tour you were talking about. Is that going to be your next big project?

Are you talking about the music one?


That one does not have to do with Famous. Famous may be incorporated in it. I’d like to have Travis Barker headline and Paul Wall and Jermaine Dupree and all come out and perform music because they’re all affiliated with Famous, so I’d love to utilize Famous’ resources. As of right now, it’s just something that Aaron Davis spoke to me about and we have certain people that we’re going to get involved. For the sponsors, it’s just whoever wants to jump on board and be apart of it.

It’s just going to be like a demo and a concert and probably we’ll set it up like intervals.

Like, band, then demo, and then headlining band?


Well what was the idea behind and how’s it doing?

It’s going great. It was really Paul and I and we’re great friends with Terry, so we decided to bring him aboard. He’s just apart of it as we are now, but it just originally wasn’t his idea.

How would you describe it? It’s like your own personal MySpace?

Well, it’s like a skate MySpace. All the kids got profiles and girls naturally like skateboarders, so the kids that got profiles can talk to the girls that got profiles on there. It’s really solely just for skaters. But anyone can get a profile naturally, but it’s not as broad as MySpace.

It was really just an outlet for Paul and me to put out more footage ’cause we film and have a lot of excess footage and it goes to waste and we know thatt at this point, when we’re a fan of someone we’d like to see whatever, you know? So we’ll put out park footage, we’ll put out extra footage. For Yeah Right! I had 26 minutes of footage and, you know, you cut that down to like three or four, so, all that stuff is just in space right now. This is an opportunity for us to not let everything go to waste just ’cause it’s not in a video part. It’s like a mix tape for us to continually put out new stuff for the kids. I personally, if I like somebody, I wouldn’t want to wait a year for the next time I get to see footage of them.

You’re pretty religious, right?


Tell me a little about that.

I’m not perfect by any means, I go through my spiritual ups and downs, but I have an undeniable belief in God and a really strong faith that whatever’s going on in my life is going through his hands and it’s going to work out for the best whatever it is—whether it’s a car crash, or anything.

Is that something you need in the crazy world of skateboarding?

It’s great for me. And it’s not a secret. I’m not trying to hide from anybody. I’d love for everybody to experience a relationship with God and living their life with him. It doesn’t mean you have to be perfect, but you’re going with him as opposed to against the grains of the guy who created you and this place.

Is this something you picked up when you got a little bit older or is this something that was always in your background?

This is something I started believing in, basically became Christian and believing in God and started thinking about all that stuff about around 19, or something like that.

And you definitely see a change in your life after that?

Yeah, for sure—just a different conscience. I wouldn’t do the same wild stuff I’d do when I was younger. So, maybe I’ll go out and I’ll go to a club with a friend, but I wouldn’t have a desire to harm somebody or anything like that.

Say in ten years, what do you want to be remembered as? Or what do you want to accomplish ultimately?

I really just want to be the best I can be and then use that as a light and an example to show that through God anybody can accomplish anything they want through him. I just want to be an example of a talent, but not glorifying myself, glorifying Him. The only reason I have this talent is because of him. I just want people to know.