Jerry Hsu’s NYC Launch Party

This weekend Emerica threw a sweet shindig out in NYC to celebrate Jerry Hsu’s debut shoe with them and his new clothing line on Emerica Gear.  Want a sneak peek at the goods? Check that slideshow. Heath Kirchart, Braydon Szafranski, and Spanky also flew in to celebrate as well as Jetski, Jon Minor, Justin Regan and several other righteous bros. After an afternoon of skating and signing autographs at KCDC in Brooklyn (photos coming soon!), the party jumped off in Emerica’s SoHo showroom. Free booze was flowing, DJ Leo Fitzpatrick was pumping the jams, and after a while a couple bands came on to rock the house. The two level showroom was packed in true NYC flavor with all kinds of ladies, skaters, and just partiers in general. Nothing lasts forever, and eventually the brews ran thin and the crowd dispersed into the streets of NYC where the party really never ends.

Big thanks to Emerica for throwing the party and to Timothy Nickloff and Brian Jones for taking care of us this weekend. An extra special thanks and shout out goes out to Alex Corporan for being the host/tour guide/concierge/and all around king of New York to the entire crew.