J.Grant Brittain

He’s been TransWorld SKATEboarding’s photo editor and photographer for over eighteen years, released a series of skate-inspired photo T-shirts in Fall 2000 that feature classic graphics seen in past TransWorld SKATEboarding issues: Tod Swank pushing under the bridge, Atiba Jefferson 360 flipping at the same location, as well as a Chris Miller pole-cam shot of a frontside nosebone, to name a few.

The newest series of T-shirts, unveiled this February, displays color skateboarding imagery¿eight designs in all¿with a Chet Thomas, Steve Caballero, and a classic Chris Miller at Baldy Pipe photo, among others. The graphics are applied using a high-quality heat transfer. Contact Aaron Chang Clothing at 1-858-350-6188, or ask for them by name at your local skate shop. ¿Eric Sentianin