John Rattray: Behind The Scenes Of His Pro Spotlight

What was the inspiration for your Pro Spotlight opening photo?

Obsession. Love. Mania. Utopia. Patriotism is a vicious lie. Anyone who says otherwise is selling something.

Did you know how to go about making a ramp out of mash potatoes?

I knew about as much as the next guy. If you must know, it represents that mythical perfect vert ramp in the forest. The one where the coping thrunks so good and all the moves flow like vino in your veins.

How much mash potatoes did it take? Mix or did you mash them up by hand?

One regular pack of mix.

What happened to them after?

They went to the great mashed potato skatepark in the sky. Hopefully they somehow entered the collective unconscious.You are innocent when you dream.

Do you have some sort of beliefs in existence of extra-terrestrials?

Drake’s Equation presents us with an undisputable possibility. The level of that possibility is what’s disputable. I don’t necesarily believe that life elsewhere walks on two legs or speaks English or Arabic or watches the E Channel or drives Durangos or kills itsown for control of natures resources--Jesus Christ we’ve been doing that for a while haven’t we? But I don’t discount it. I try not to discount anything which can’t be proven conclusively. I like to think that someone might come from somewhere and fix things hereon Earth but then I realize that we should probably try to do thatourselves. Then I realize that unfortunately people are trying. Must keep trying.

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