Jordan Hoffart 12 Pack

Canadian crusher and frequent contributor to, Jordan Hoffart gets his 12 Pack.

1. Basics: Name, Age, Home, Sponsors: Jordan Hoffart, super OLD for an AM, I’ve been a Nomad for the last 4 years, my sponsors are: Powell skateboards, Bones wheels, Swiss bearings, Globe, Independent, Active and Ogio.
2. Set up: 8.5 Powell ligament deck, 149 Independents trucks, Swiss LABYRINTH bearings, 51mm Bones STF wheels, MOB grip. Its pretty big.
3. Tunes: Megadeth, Jeezy, Deathklok, Rilo Kiley, Belle & Sebastian.
4. Movies: Zeitgeist, Loose Change, Forgetting Sarah Marshell, Grandma’s Boy, Lewis C.K’s Shameless.
5. Food: Chipotle… but sh-t I know it’s owned by McDonald’s. Whatever dude.
6. Brew:  Just look at it.
7. Reading: 2006 Nurse’s Drug Guide, The Alchemist, every skateboard magazine.
8. Who shreds? Busenitz shreds hard dude! Zered Bassett, Haslam, Daewon, Dollin and Duncombe all those guys are amazing! And Reynolds. Wow, back heel that Paris 5 block. I heard he 360’d it too. I can’t even comprehend trying that.
9. Who’s your crew? Its super random most of the time, but recently, Josh Hawkins, John White, Dallas Rockvam, John Motta, Jimmy Cao. Those dudes are RAD.
10. Where I skate: Every where dude, it never stops. I just got back from a tour around Europe and Switzerland, it was amazing.
11. Why I skate: It’s freedom, it’s the ability to create anything you can think of. It’s friendship, it’s love, it’s life.
12. Last Words: Why are you planning on killing me or something?