Junk In the Trunk Give-a-way

It’s called the “Junk in the Trunk giveaway. The folks at Quiksilver are giving away a bunch of junk on their site to one lucky winner- and we’re talking lucky. This stuff is insane. You know the old saying- “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure- that’s what we’re talking about here.

One person (yep, just one single, winner) is going to get an entire dumpster full of junk stolen from Quik’s athletes, executives, etc. delivered to their front lawn by the Quiksilver motorhome (imagine your friend’s faces). If you win, they’re going to drive to your house with the mobile command center and drop all the goodies off on your front lawn.

What kind of junk? Well, the web guy at Quik is basically just stealing shit from people. He’s going around and taking whatever he can get his hands on. The dumpster already includes: Danny Kass’s used headphones and Apple iPod (with all his music loaded), Josh Hoyer’s old beach cruiser (kinda a piece of crap but very rideable), an old beat-up skateboard ridden by Tony Hawk himself, and one of Todd Richard’s very own snowboarding jackets.

Basically, it’s junk to anyone who doesn’t know what’s up. But to us, it’s insane, authentic stuff to us. Next up, Kelly Slater’s toothbrush. Just kidding. But you never know. Quik is posting one item each week until the end of September. And I think you can register once a week so get going.Just click here: http://www.quiksilver.com/jitt