Justin Strubing – Video Part Of The Year Award

Justin Strubing-Video Part Of The Year, That’s Life

Let’s just say you were sitting at home on the couch and had the tweaked notion, “You know what I’m going to do today? I’m going to be the best skateboarder ever! I want to be better than everybody! And you know what else? I’m gonna make the best video part to prove it to everyone!” Your first problem is that you should’ve joined an activity akin to football with such a warped, skewed mind-set. Your second problem, assuming that you’re actually going to follow through with your initial thought process, would be to plan out, or choreograph, exactly what your part will be comprised of.

In this day and age, variety is highly rewarded, and a variety of all the latest hot-shit tricks would only make sense-stick it to ’em with a barrage of handrails (the first must), switch hamms, flip ins, flip outs, jump downs, manual variations, nollie-to-its, all at the flavor of the month spot. It just makes sense-it’s everything people know, or everything they don’t, that you can impress them with.

Thank god Justin Strubing never set out with such a mind-set, but if he did, we could say his That’s Life part failed miserably. I only tallied one handrail, one switch 180, one manual, and not a single trick at any of today’s takeout spots (unless you count that back five-0 to back tail pop out at the Armory-takin’ fools out, whew!). Instead, he places his focus on the push, the speed (this may be the first time the fisheye isn’t playing tricks on you), the slide, the grind, the length, the gravity, the exit, and, in the end, getting up the next day to do it all over again. Strubing doesn’t take the road less traveled; he opts for the route where the road has yet to be laid. It’s no wonder multiple companies were courting him both before he went to Legacy and after its demise. Popwar it is-Cairo and Paul Sharpe know.

Justin Strubing is proof that you don’t have to do what’s hot and now to put together an absolutely entertaining and inspiring video part. They may tell you there’s a proven formula, and they may be right, but that proven formula is often the least memorable. Legitimately hold your own beyond that formula and people will take notice. The pleasure is all ours.-Eric Stricker