Kaboom: The Maple Tour

I got a great idea, let’s go to Pheonix in the middle of the summer andmelt in the 300 degree weather. But don’t worry, we’ll make sure the vanhas air-conditioning so the eight hour drive will completely bore us todeath. Wait a second, we should probably waste someone’s money in theprocess. How about Maple Skateboards and TransWorld SkateBoarding. We’lltrick them into buying us an amp, TV, Atari 2600, and just play oldschool videogames the whole way out there.

Yeah, that stuff above, that was the plan, and yes it was prettystupid. Because halfway between SD and the Pheonix inferno we were allfiending like crackheads to get next up on a game called Kaboom. Ifyou’ve never played Kaboom it goes a bit like this: There’s this dude,the mad bomber, he tries to drop bombs on you. And you? You’re get tocatch these bombs in your water bucket. Splash, splash, boom: you lose.

The Maple crew who became addicted to this game include: DaxterLussier, Tyler Hansen, Adam Louder, Scott Pazzelt, Dan Roberts, andBrian Jackson. It seemed like the only time we went skating was at nightwhen we would get so pissed at the game we would want to break it. Thenwhatever unlucky spot we went to would get destroyed.If you’re anunbeliever check the video¿it’s kind of for big bandwith ballers (9.7megs) but it’s definitely worth it. You can also check the rest of thephotos/story in the upcoming TransWorld SKATEboarding. Oh yeah, highscore is 1594.